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young engineersWelcome to e² Young Engineers – Sydney East, Australia

e² Young Engineers – Sydney East represents children who participate in our unique education curriculum. Our sessions provide theoretical knowledge and practical implementation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) basics.

Young Engineers provides an engaging, hands-on learning platform. The educational goals are achieved by using LEGO® and K’nex® assembly kits uniquely designed by our staff, demonstrating the scientific principles in a fun and accessible fashion; combining experiments that form scientific intuition with stories that capture the imagination.

Statistical tests show a clear connection between participation in our e² Young Engineers programs and success at school as well as the development of an arc of skills.

Our Challenge

To inspire kids in STEM subjects, not only kids who pursue a career in science, but ALL KIDS!

Majority of researchers agree, there are too few STEM students and workers. The need for inspiring STEM education is critical in today’s changin dynamics of the world. There might be enough people going through the curriculum, but there is not enough focus on quality – and this is where Young Engineers make a difference.

In his recent article “The STEM Crisis Is a Myth”, Robert Charette writes: “Many children born today are likely to live to be 100 and to have not just one distinct career but two or three by the time they retire at 80. Rather than spending our scarce resources on ending a STEM shortage, we should figure out how to make all children literate in the sciences, technology, and the arts to give them the best foundation to pursue a career and then transition to new ones.”

Young Engineers’ after school hours program has been developed to literate primary school kids in STEM and develop their critical thinking.

Brain Study & Research

Brain scientists have for many years investigated the most effective way for us to absorb information. Unsurprisingly, they discovered that feelings and sensations are critical to our patterns of thinking. Feelings draw our attention and give meaning to our memories.

Scientists have also discovered that complex thinking processes are encouraged by challenges and discouraged by negative emotions such as fear and pressure.

It is important to remember that children who have just begun their elementary school cannot predict what kind of careers and opportunities will exist in 15 years’ time. We believe that a generic approach is the best way to prepare the future generation for the unknown by developing their critical, skeptical, and creative thoughts.

e2 Young Engineers – We Believe

We believe the best way to educate children is through games. Games can be tools that help children learn about themselves and the world around them.

We believe that conventional classroom lessons, in which the teacher is dominant 85% of the time, don’t trigger enough interest and curiosity. Curiosity is the primary motive for studying.

We believe that ESYE curricula provide a new platform for children to construct, demonstrate and understand scientific principles through gaming experience; children understand that they need to better understand their learning material in order to improve their gaming.

We believe in knowing how to make the children enjoy all learning materials, and how to properly communicate with the child so that they will absorb the subject matter.

We believe in the future of engineering, science and the way those fields will change the world for the better.

Our focus is on early intervention in order to create the passionate and highly skilled next generation of engineers and scientists. e² Young Engineers’ initiative has always been to establish an original and unmatched approach for engaging young people and getting them to enjoy learning and wanting to create.

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